Sunday, April 08, 2012


I've decided to combine all my blogs into one. If you would like to see my weimaraner cartoons they will periodically appear on this blog, along with my watercolor art, digital scrapbooking, recipes, etc. Hope to see you over on my other blog!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mistaken Identity

After a VERY long hiatis. I'm back! The style is a bit different, but still the same weimaraner shenanigans :)Enjoy!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get Along Little Doggie!

Oh boy oh boy we're going to the dogpark! My most favoritist place in all the world. Oh we're pulling in, hurry up hurry up and park! We finally park and mom cannot open the door fast enough. Yippee, freedom at last! I run into the great green field and I see the BIGGEST dogs I've ever seen. Even bigger than a Great Dane. I must get closer to inspect!


First I will do the smell test. I ran up to them, cautiously of course and sniffed them thoroughly. They smelled much different from any other dog I'd ever smelled. And they didn't even have the courtesy to sniff me back. Why wouldn't they want to sniff me. That sure does not make any sense. Hmmmm...
And the second test is to see if they will play with me. BARK, BARK, BARK(tail wag, play bow) BARK BARK. Hmmm, they just ignored me. Maybe they are cooler than me. Hmm, well maybe I'll just step back a bit and observe them. Well they're just standing there munching on grass. I guess I'll just take a taste myself and see if they notice me. Munch, munch, munch....They must have an awful upset stomach to be eating so much grass.

Well they're still ignoring me, so maybe I'll just roll in the grass and see if that will make me smell better. Afterall they seem to really like the grass. Hmmm, that didn't work. They keep moving thier ears back and forth and wagging thier long fluffy tails. Maybe if I just stand next to them, eat grass, wiggle my ears and wag my tail like them they'll pay attention to me....

I did all of this and one of them actually stopped eating grass, picked up its head and made the strangest sounding bark I'd ever heard..."Whinnieeeee!!!!!" So maybe I am cool enough to hang out with the real BIG dogs.

Oh, that's weird, thier owners are putting this weird leather thing on thier backs and now thier climbing on TOP of them and sitting. How undignified! I'd never let any human do that to me(though the little ones try). But these dogs don't seem to mind at all. In fact they look like thier enjoying it. The owner let out a short command and my big dog friends took off across the field. I just had to follow, but boy they are fast. I ran so far and then realized that my mom was shouting for me to come back. Ooops, I forgot she was still here. Then one of the Big Doggies turned back and said. "Hey, get along little doggie!" I guess I am cool enough! I sure hope my big dog friends come back again!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

The LONGEST minute

One minute is quite a long time. I could do many things like, sniff, sniff...sniiiffff, stalking a bird.

I open my eyes and I see another dog I could play with. I look away and I notice the sweet fragrant grass at my feet. And just my luck, no one has claimed it. I could lie down and eat a bit and roll around in it claiming it as all my own! My little patch of heaven! Ah yes that would be good!

I look up and I see mom. I could run over. I'm so sure she'd be pleased to see me. I would receive many butt scratched and ear rubs. I resist the urge at the moment as I look past mom to see woods FULL of sticks just waiting to be chewed.

Ah all the things I could do in a minute. I bet if I tried hard I could do them all. But there's one thing that I just cannot do(at least when its most important) is sit AND stay!

Especially with all these people staring and holding their breath like the world is going to end. Mom is actually looking a bit distressed.

Maybe she's worried that I've been sitting too long and might be too cramped to give her my victory leap and lick. Perhaps I'll just stand and stretch so she knows I'm okay. Yep that's what I'll do, stretchhhhhhhh and stand. See that dog down there did it, so no biggie! Oops, mom's looking even more concerned. Maybe I'll just lay down now like that dog over there. Yes, 3 tricks for the price of one. I have to get bonus points for that!

Yep, that seemed to work, the humans are heading back comes mom, WAG WAG WAG!!!!Phew, that was the longest minute. So glad its over. Now I'm already laying down for the 3 minute down stay and then its playtime! Hmmm....I wonder what I could do in 3 minutes.....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The perfect place

How can one little thing cause such great joy and at the same time extreme worry? That is the question I ask myself as I wander about this house looking for the perfect place: The perfect place for my perfect chewy. You see I have no time to work on it right now so I must find a place for it. The PERFECT place. I see those pointy eared devils following me around with way too much curiosity. Their eyes are scheming something. I even see the tall two-legged ones following me with their eyes smirking. And even though they are the ones who bestowed this most precious chewy upon me, well I just don't trust them. Its way too delicious!
So where is the perfect place? Perhaps it’s under my bed. Yes that seems like a nice spot! DIG-DIG-DIG... Oh wait, those pointy-eared devils like to lounge on my bed all the time. I think they do it in an attempt to assert their power over me. To tell me that they're not afraid of me. And I'm too much of a gentleman to take the bed from them. Yes gentleman, that's it. I'm not afraid of them at all. No, not at all. Well I can't hide it there. They'd find it for sure.

Sigh... I'm off to find another place. How about this shopping bag? Its been sitting in the bedroom for awhile, collecting dust. Let me just plop it in there and....wait, it would be just my luck that they decide to throw it out. And I'd never get it back then. That can in the closet would be the lucky winner of my precious chewy. If you ask me that can is the luckiest one in the household being bestowed with yummy "trash" on a daily basis. If only I could open the door to his room. I know he'd share it with me. Ah well, best get back to business on finding the perfect place!

What about the closet? Yes! And even better it’s open. I'll just crawl in here way in the back and hide it under all these shoes my mom never wears. I'll have to move a few out of the way...DIG, DIG, DIG..... Ah, yes that's perfect. It will never be found. I'll just quietly back out of this closet and go about my business. No one will ever expect a....Oh DRAT, mom has been watching me the entire time! And she's laughing at me. Her face is turning all red and I think she's crying. Maybe she's mad I messed with all her shoes. Well I best go get my chewy.

As I come out of the closet my mom has this very concerned look on her face. She takes my chewy and says, "Come on Scout, I have the perfect place for it." She walks over to the big white box and she places it on top. Oh boy why didn't I think of that. The great white box will surely protect my most wonderful chewy. And those pointy eared devils won't be able to do a thing about it. Then my mom lets out a long sigh, laughs and then asks me, "Now are you ready to go the dog park?"
My response: "Oh boy am I! Maybe I can find my most precious stick!"